Nourish Your Soul in Our Garden

Welcome to our spiritual community. We invite you to join us on this journey of enlightenedhood.

The Enlightenedhood Garden

We are the spiritual village you have been looking for.

If you're reading this, it means you are being called to step into the light and grow. It means your heart is beckoning you home.

Have you suddenly woken up? Had moments of clarity? Moments of a silent mind?

Your soul is guiding you towards the light and now you are entering a new life stage. A new stage for a New Earth.

We know you may be resistant to the idea that you are already enlightened, but it really just means you are returning to what your soul already knows. It's always been within you.

You are in the stage of Enlightenedhood. 

Welcome. We have been waiting for you.

Our Spiritual Garden Community

    • Exclusive spiritual content including podcasts, articles, workshops, and meetups.

    • Weekly oracle readings and channeled messages to guide you on your journey.

    • Groups for practicing oracle readings, reading books together, deciphering A Course of Miracles, learning about crystals, and much more.

    • The ability to connect with like-minded people on their spiritual journeys. 

    • A safe, private space, free of charge.
    • Topics to follow and contribute in such as conscious parenting, divine feminine work, and holistic health.
    • Create personal connections within our community.

    • Access to an ever-growing library of spiritual resources.

    • A safe space off of traditional social media that gives you the empowerment and support to rediscover who you truly are and come home to yourself.

    • No ads, no trolling, no politics.

We know community is such an important pillar on the spiritual path.

Awakening to your true self can be extremely lonely.

That's why we're so passionate that community is key to spiritual growth and support.

We want you to think of this Garden as your soul friends and family waiting to welcome you with open arms and an open heart.

There are no labels or ego here, the only prerequisite is to be human. 

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